Islehaven Gold Dancer Red

Islehaven Gold Dancer Red VG-88


Islehaven Gold Dancer Red VG-88

3-08 2X 364 12 3434 kg 4.32% 44 kg (3333 kg 334)

BY Braedale Goldwyn from 5 Generations VG or Ex in Canada


* Thank you to Shedd-Kenn Cattle, PA, USA on their pick of Gold Dancer Snowman heifer in March 2012 for $25,000 at International Intrigue.

Enquiries welcome on Gold Dancer. She is an amazing embryo producer with 12 to 15 #1, ‘A’ Quality, eggs that is exportable every 40 days.

We will consider mutually agreed sires. Pick your favourite sire and get on your dream in red.

Gold Dancer Red, when bred to any Black sire, will make 50% R&W progeny. This rare gene known as the variegated gene (Rosabel factor) allows all black sires to be converted to red. With red progeny, red enthusiast breeders can now breed black sires into future red generations.

  • Gold Dancer Red has now 16 of 20 born calves which are all red, all from Black Sires. That is 89% and is more red calves from Black sires than any cow ever.
  • Gold Dancer Red had 3 calves born in July 2011 all heifers, all by Man-O-Man, all 3 are Red! The Pick of the 3 Red Man-O-Man calves is offered in the Party at the Planet sale 2011 World Dairy Expo

Embryos in NLD, GER, contact Benny Bredek (+31) 653327917, in AUS Declan Patten (+64) 438512720

Co-owned by Mark Comfort and Mel Mclean. Embryos contact: